The Victoria is a soft lacy fabric with a pocket to hold the pouch close to the body. It is offered in black (7" wide) and white (5 1/2" wide). This sexy lacy cover is often used during intimate times.

Black Lace 7" Wide

White Lace 5 1/2" Wide


IMPORTANT: Please make sure you choose a fabric and indicate the name when you order. Thank you.

No other pouch cover is made with such craftsmanship and guaranteed to satisfy the customer.

All seams are sewn so as the material will not ravel.

Pouch covers are made for either a drainable or closed end pouch.

Care Instructions

All Koolostomy products are machine washable although hand washing is recommended. Items with additional details such as lace, ribbons and bows should only be hand washed. Drying is best done by hanging the product over a line/towel rack or laying it flat. Please be aware that drying in a dryer may result in shrinkage and material damage. In addition, please note some materials may hang better if they are pressed on low heat after drying.

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